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Seriously, stop it. Would you expect to buy a new race car and assume it will beat the competition every year for the next 10 years? No! That’s ridiculous. Imagine trying to win a race and never improving your race car… I bet Michael Schumacher will back us up and say you will NEVER win with that kind of attitude no matter how good your driver is. You have to upgrade, maintain, and tweak your technology. In today’s fast paced world, technology becomes outdated in just a few years. New tech comes out every day that might benefit your business tremendously. And having our team on retainer is almost like leasing a car; You get a new model every year. And yes, software depreciates just the same! We stay on the cutting edge so that you do too. Spare yourself the time of hunting for another contract and negotiating more terms. Whether you ask for it or we recommend it, it’s as easy as a phone call, text, chat or email to add technology into your business for improvements. Don’t think technology can help your business? HA! No offense, but you couldn’t be more wrong - Technology is a critical investment for every business.

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Cost Efficiency

Get the best value. Get the best developer. No payroll taxes. Don’t pay for learning time. And don’t pay for unnecessary work.

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The experience we bring to the table speaks for itself. You couldn’t dream of a better dream team.

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A team of minds is far superior to just one

Our teams have a much broader knowledge base than any one person. Together we can tackle any problem.

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Ongoing Support

Software is an evolving product. Technology is a product itself that needs to be constantly improved, tweaked and upgraded.

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Quick Response

We are just a chat, text, phone call or email away for whenever something comes up.

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Get the right person for the job

We will devote the right type of developer to your project. This means you get the most experienced developer for whatever task you need completed from us.

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Peace of mind

Don’t worry about the advancing integration of technology into business - that’s our specialty. We can help you understand how to improve your bottom line with technology.

mobile app development

Focus on what matters

You don’t need to learn technology. That’s why we are here! You can focus on your business. We will focus on making it better with technology.

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Ask and you shall receive

We don’t need to negotiate every little detailed bullet point of the deliverables. If you want something done just tell us and we will get it done.

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No more "What's your budget?" Questions

Unlimited revisions

No more per-project negotiations

Immediate technical assistance with anything you need

Constantly improved business

& most importantly

To stay ahead of your competition

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What can we do?

Mobile Apps


Web Apps




Industrial Solutions

Machine Learning

Enterprise Systems

And much more...

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Okay, what does it cost?

Support Team

Equivalent to one part time developer/IT guru.

Great for

  • Having a tech team at your disposal for any day-to-day issues that might occur
  • Maintenence on a small live project for monthly changes, updates, tweaks and bug fixes
  • Snail-paced project build

$979 / month

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Consulting Team

Equivalent to three part time developers/IT gurus.

Great for

  • Simple Website build/upkeep
  • Small IT solutions
  • Simple Shopify Store setup/upkeep
  • Slow-paced MVP mobile or web application

$1879 / month

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Build Team

Equivalent to one full time developer/IT guru.

Great for

  • Custom Website build/upkeep
  • Medium IT solutions
  • Custom Shopify Theme & maintenence
  • Mobile Application build/upkeep
  • Web application build/upkeep

$3779 / month

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Velocity Team

Equivalent to three full time developers/IT gurus.

Great for

  • Rapid Custom Website build/upkeep
  • Large IT solutions
  • Rapid Custom Shopify Theme build/upkeep
  • Rapid Mobile Application build/upkeep
  • Rapid Web application build/upkeep

$9279 / month

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These service packages do not include complex solutions such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Advanced Data Analytics. As you can imagine, projects that require “the big guns” have a higher cost. We have skilled and experienced team members dedicated strictly for these types of advanced projects. These service packages do not include any hosting costs, server costs, deployment costs or any additional costs associated with your project. These rates are simply for the use of one of our development teams and additional costs will be agreed upon prior to commitment.

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